Fellowship Application Day 2021 - Programme

Welcome and Introduction
Issy Reading, Director, NIHR Research Design Service (RDS) South Central

The NIHR Fellowship Programme
Nicola Melody, NIHR Academy

‘Selling’ Your Fellowship Package to the NIHR
Sophie Hyndman, Deputy Director, NIHR RDS South Central

‘Project’: What Makes a Good Fellowship Project?
Dean Phillips, Senior Research Adviser, NIHR RDS South Central

Comfort break

‘Education’: What Makes a Good Training and Development Plan?
Mary Boulton, Senior Methodologist, RDS South Central

‘Person’, ‘Environment’, ‘Supervision’: What Makes a Good Applicant, Host Organisation and Supervisory Team
Sophie Hyndman

Comfort break

Experiences and Tips from Successful Applicants
Four Parallel Sessions:

  • Academic Doctoral Research Fellowships (Raha West, recently awarded an NIHR Doctoral Research Fellowship)
  • Academic Advanced Fellowships (Kathleen Vancleef, recently awarded an NIHR Advanced Fellowship)
  • Clinical Doctoral Research Fellowships (Jody Ede, HEE-NIHR Clinical Doctoral Research Fellow, Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust)
  • Clinical Lectureship (Georgios Ntentas, NIHR Clinical Lecturer & Senior Radiotherapy Physicist, Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust)

What NIHR Fellowship Panels Look for in Applications
Four Parallel Sessions:

  • Academic Doctoral Research Fellowships (Gordon Taylor, Professor of Medical Statistics, University of Exeter, Director of RDS SW, & Deputy Chair, NIHR Doctoral Research Fellowship Selection Committee
  • Academic Advanced Fellowships (Cathy Creswell, NIHR Research Professor, University of Oxford & NIHR Advanced Fellowship Selection Committee)
  • Clinical Doctoral Research Fellowships (Ruth Endacott, Director of Nursing & Midwifery, NIHR, & Clinical Doctoral Fellowship Selection Committee)
  • Clinical Lectureship (Maria Stokes, Professor of Musculo-Skeletal Rehabilitation, University of Southampton, & HEE-NIHR Clinical Lectureship & Senior Clinical Lectureship Selection Committee)

Q&A Panel:
Cathy Creswell, Ruth Endacott, Nicola Melody, Georgios Ntentas, Maria Stokes, Kathleen Vancleef, Raha West

PPI and Plain English
Paul Hewitson, Oxford PPI Manager, NIHR RDS South Central

Next steps & how the RDS can help
Issy Reading

Lunch break

14:00 onwards
One-to-One sessions with RDS advisers to discuss projects (pre-arranged)