NIHR RDS North East Success Maker Service

A video made by colleagues in the RDS North East region on the support that RDS teams can give in preparing proposals for applied health or social care research.

Applying for NIHR Social Care Research Funding (23rd March 2017) – Dr Mike Clark

An event held in Southampton on 23rd March 2017 to provide information on what the NIHR are looking for in social care focused applications. The event was aimed at researchers, social care workers, clinicians and academics who are thinking of applying for NIHR funding on a health related application which involves aspects of social care research.

The PowerPoint slides from Mike’s presentation is also available to download as a PDF file.

A Journal Editor’s Perspective on Feedback – Philip Calder (23rd June 2017)

Professor Philip Calder is Professor of Nutritional Immunology within Medicine at the University of Southampton. With many years’ experience as a journal editor, Professor Calder was invited by the RDS SC to give a presentation on his view of feedback from a journal editor’s perspective.