What is the Research Design Service South Central ?

The Research Design Service South Central (RDS SC) is part of a nationwide network of services providing health and social care professionals and service users with support and advice to obtain funding for research to improve health and social care.  In particular, the RDS SC aims to support people developing proposals focusing on research for patient benefit.

Who works for the Research Design Service South Central ?

Staff working for the RDS SC are all experienced health service researchers, with track records in obtaining research funding and conducting research studies.  For staff profiles please click here

How can the Research Design Service South Central help?

The RDS SC can advise on all aspects of preparing grant applications, such as:

  • Formulating focussed research questions
  • Building an appropriate team
  • Involving patients and carers
  • Designing a study
  • Appropriate methodologies for quantitative research,
    e.g. statistical issues, health economics
  • Appropriate methodologies for qualitative research,
    e.g. sampling, analytical strategies
  • Identifying suitable funding sources
  • Regulatory issues
  • Writing lay summaries
  • Identifying the resources required for a successful project
  • Advice and support may involve a mixture of face-to-face, telephone, email and website contact.  We also offer researchers the opportunity to meet with a panel of research staff, who are able to offer multidisciplinary advice on research ideas and grant applications.

Does the RDS  South Central run introductory courses on how to do research?

We do not offer introductory courses, however, we will be offering following masterclasses, which are aimed at supporting individuals to make highly professional research funding grant applications.

These will include:

  • Statistical Considerations
  • Public Patient Involvement (PPI)
  • Applying for Research for Patient Benefit (RfPB) funding
  • Qualitative research
  • Grant Writing

Do you offer statistical support to help me analyse my data?

The RDS offers statistical support during the development of research funding grant applications, not for analysis of data you have already collected. We can, however, provide details of statisticians who provide analysis of data for a fee.

Do I have to pay for advice?

No the service is entirely free.

If you would like to have a member of the RDS team work as part of your research team when you receive funding this can be costed into the bid and will be paid for as part of the grant awarded.